Live Free, Love Life

time, money, sacrifices, goals.

It’s all leading up to something big and I’m so excited. I’m giving this my all while trusting in God’s great power and grace to provide and open doors of opportunities.

Jesus, I give you my all. My time, my possessions, my life. You created me, so I live for You. If it’s not for you then I don’t want it. You are my everything. I’m holding your hand and letting you guide me through this crazy journey.

5 hours ago

A Lovely Life

"All across the great stretches of land, police chase criminals. Handshakes secure deals. Lovers rendezvous. Secretaries field calls, teachers profess, athletes compete, doctors operate, bus drivers navigate." - David Eagleman 
While the hustle of life moves around us, I choose to sit and watch the stars over my favorite mountain. Take a moment and enjoy the earth - the natural beauty and complexity. Happy Earth Day.
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